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Carl Cambilargiu
Please: e-mail , call, or Text if you are interested in buying a new or demo board.
New 12'6" X 27 3/4" Fly Race
http://vimeo.com/25008144 Good video from down under!

8 years ago Fanatic’s shaper Sebastian Wenzel pioneered our shape-shifting CAD/CNC design and production process. But when it comes to sculpting beauty out of blocks of foam, pinpoint accuracy and duplication is only one advantage of such a system. Fanatic’s eternal commitment to design has made for a perfect marriage of both software and shaping harmony. After several seasons precise tuning and tweaking, the process is now perfected, and it’s certain that our competitors will take as long to catch up.

What’s more, this work flow is backed-up by an unparalleled database of figures from countless tried and tested rocker lines, rail shapes and outlines. This resource grows daily as we learn more and more about hull performance during intensive periods of rigorous testing. With the stats to back it up with we can confidently continue to innovate and present proven designs to you.

Board reveiws Fanatic Allwave and Prowave 8'10":

Posted 18/09/2011,
After some board on board testing with the two 8'10" 's from Fanatic recently, I have decided that my quiver will consist of both! I have ridden both boards in a variety of conditions and they most definitely cover all bases.

2012 Fanatic AllWave 8'10"
I am 85 kgs on a good day. This board is so stable, when paddling it you start to think that there is no way this thing will shred on a wave cause it feels like your on 9'6"+ board. How surprised I was. Such a sweet rock, the board responds instantly to your foot positioning, and is amazing off the tail. At the last SPSC even some of the crew mentioned that I was surfing better on the AllWave than the ProWave, and it was definitely easier! In the conditions that finished the event this was definitely the case. Windy, choppy, hard to catch waves, the AllWave comes right out of it's shell. I've ridden up to about head high on this board and it has never felt a handful, I am interested to see it does as it is 31 wide. It is super loose and easy to get up into the lip. Carving is a dream, and it makes fun out of absolute mush. I could quite easily have this board as an only board, and it is most definitely suitable for the intermediate rider. Stepping forward a bit, you engage the mid rocker, allowing the board to be turned and steered, but also using that width for stability and lift to get you through those fat sections. Loose, responsive, fast, easy.

ProWave 8'10"
If your looking for the next level, this is it. I was lucky enough to have this board with me in Hawaii this year, and scored some awesome waves on the south shore. And this board amazed me, when juiced up she responds like she's glued to your feet. You can really smack the lip in ridiculous sections, and Fast doesn't begin to explain the board speed available on the wave. A really tight pulled in tail gives total control and awesome bottom turns at full speed. In conparison to the 2010 ProWave, this board is looser, faster, more controllable, lighter and way more smackable. The key thing with this board for me is getting that power behind you, I guess at my weight I am pushing water a little bit until shoulder height, but once you get that wave under you, OMG!! This board really is a Pro board.

All up, I am stoked to be lucky enough to have both boards in my quiver, but I do think I'll be riding the AllWave majority of the time unless we have an absolute cracker of a summer. I strongly suggest getting a demo organized at your local dealer because the bar has been lifted again this year.


Dialy Ndiaye on new 14' carbon race.

photographer ( David Haag).
When I first saw the 2011 Fanatic Fly Carbon Race, I was impressed by its looks. Stunning design and beautiful red color. The significant nose rocker had me thinking that the board was designed mostly for open ocean and downwinders.
After extensive gps testing, I realized that this board was just as fast, in strictly flat water conditions, as any 14' race board I had ever been on. Part of the reason for that might be the V on more than half of the front bottom of the board.
As good as it is on the glass, the 14 Fly really starts to shine when the wind picks up and the surface gets bumpy. It is the most stable 14 footer that I have tried and this is a very important quality. You can't paddle fast if you struggle for balance or are swimming beside your board...
The nose makes it a pleasure to catch runners and, where on other displacement nose boards, I would have to run back to the tail to prevent pearling, the Fanatic 14 will comfortably fit in the trough. Also, contrary to most race boards in the bumps, it does not "track". It is very easy to turn while riding a swell. Great downwind board!
The full carbon construction also means that there is no flex whatsoever and it is remarkably light (24# on a digital shipping scale).
The Fanatic Fly 14 is now clearly my favorite race board. I know I can count on it for a fun paddle, regardless of the conditions. It doesn't hurt either that it looks so darn good!
Apparently, Sebastian Wenzel, the shaper, knows what he's doing. So far, I have not been on one of his boards ( race or surf) that I did not like. Keep up the good work!


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