SUP Fish

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Super SUP-Fish 10' 2" and 10' 6"
Lenght: 10' 2"         10' 6"
Nose: 16-1/4"           16- 3/4"
Mid: 30"                     31"
Tail: 20-1/2"             21-1/4"
Thick: 4-1/2"            4-5/8"

Designed for wave riding as well as cruise-paddling.  Width of board makes for unbelievable stability.  Fish tail allows this board to be really lose and maneuverable during any size wave riding.  Pulled in nose allows for a more advance aggressive paddle surfing drop-in and bottom turn.

Board is great for intermediate/advance wave riders.  Super stable for beginners starting off in calm water.   And great for the heavier riders that want to step down to a smaller size SUP.  Extremely light and fast.