Stoked SUP-Boards

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Length:       9'.0"         9'8"           10'2" Fish     10'3"          10'6" Fish  11'            11'6"           12'4"
Mid:          28.5"          28"            30"             28"             31"           29"            30"              33"
Thickness: 4.55"         4-1/4"        4-1/2"         4.40"          4-5/8"        4-5/8"        4-3/4"         5-1/4"


Stoked SUP offers the most diverse SUP sizes on the market, 8 models.  These models range from extreme wave riding 9'.0" all the way to speed/fitness paddling 12'4".  We have developed a wide series of SUP's for stoked riders of all sizes and skill levels and for various water type and conditions: Open ocean, surfing, flat water, river and stream.


All of Stoked SUP boards,  are all hand shaped and glassed using the most modern components with traditional-proven construction method.  We offers two types of epoxy construction:  EPS, and lightweight clear epoxy (EPX-II).  Both types are proven to be strong, light weight, and paint-finish-durable.



Stoked SUP also offers a line of Full Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass Paddles, and custom Deckpads.  A complete SUP package can be purchase fromStoked SUP.   SUP Package includes:  SUP board, paddle, deckpad, and carrying handle.